Translate German audio to English

Translating from German to English can take time. Find out how you can do it on this page, saving more than half the time with Scribba AI, the leading tool in automated transcription and translation with AI.

translate german audio to english


How to translate German audio to English?

Step by step guide to translate audio with sucess

  1. Upload your audio file to Scribba AI. You can import your file from your computer, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. The first minutes are free.

  2. Select “Transcription.” In order to translate your audio, you must first transcribe it, that is, convert the information from audio to text.

  3. Select the language “German”. In Scribba AI you can upload in more languages if you need it.

  4. Wait a few minutes and receive your transcript. Our automatic AI transcription software will convert your file to text in just a few minutes (depending on the final length of your file). You will receive an audio transcription with up to 98% accuracy (factors such as noise, poor recording can affect the result

  5. Clic on the translation button and choose the language “English”. You can correct any mistakes or notes you want to make online and save them right there.

  6. Export your work: Click “Export” and choose the file format you prefer.

    This is how you can translate any audio in minutes with AI. Remember that you can try Scribba AI for free to experience the magic of automated translation. Click the link to start your free trial today!