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Use Scribba AI to transcribe audio & video much faster with up to 98% accuracy .

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Scribba Ai is rated 4.6 out of 5 ⭐️


“Good results ” You have some minutes for free to try the tool”


“Highest quality transcription I have seen so far online. Took a little while but it was worth the wait. The results were just amazing. There was hardly any mistakes.

If you are serious about accurately transcribing files Scribba is highly recommended.”


” Help me a lot when I need to transcribe long videos “


Results in minutes. Up to 98% accuracy

Transcription: Convert Audio/Video to text

AI transcription- Translated transcripcions

Results in less than 60% of the audio. Up to 98% accuracy.

Subtitles: Add captions to your videos a tus videos 

AI subtitles – Translated subtitles 

Multilingual support

Multilanguage support

With Scribba AI you can work with several languages.

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Scribba features

You can process long and big files with scribba

Get quality and quick results in less than 50% of the lengh of the file thanks to our AI processing technology.

Srt, pdf, xlsx, txt, word we get you covered. Export your results in the extension you need

You will know exactly the beginning and end of every sentence in your transcripction

Your transcripts are protected with scribba.

We will notify you via email when your results are ready.

Pay as you go

Simple & affordable pricing



30 minutes of AI transcription & subtitles

Export in srt, PDF, Word, Excel & more

Precision up to 98%

Unlimited uploads

Pay as you go




Pay for the time you use

Export in srt, PDF, Word, Excel & more

Precision up to 98%

Unlimited uploads

Get quicker results

Priority support

Volume discounts


Scribba transcription software uses new algorithims of artificial intelligence (AI) model to extract the speech from any file or url and convert it to text. With Scribba you can transcribe files with 98% accuracy in more than 10 languages getting the results in minutes.

It depends of the lenght of your file and the quality of the audio. Usually you can get the results in less than 50% of the time of the audio. we will notify you when your file is ready.

Our AI algorithms improve the quality of the file you submit but If the audio quality of your video is bad you may experience some wrong transcription results. Please provide a good quality audio to get the best results.

Scribba AI transcription gives you up to 98% accuracy transcription results. The software works really great in most of use cases but sometimes you may have to review the results. 

We can not refund you once Scribba process your file since AI training software is expensive and you use the machine every time you submit & process a file.  Please submit good quality files for better results.

Scribba software allows you to pay per use. You have some free minutes & then the price starts from $0,15/per minute. 

You can get better price & discounts buying more hours of Scribba.

*Scribba pricing may vary between different countries.

It depends on your specific use case. Scribba AI allows you to get up to 98% accuraccy and the results are a lot faster.

With human transcription you may get better results but you may have to wait 24-72H.

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